Michiana String Collective is born!

I'm super excited about a new project that I've started in the Michiana (greater South Bend) area; the Michiana String Collective! Michiana has long had a fertile local music scene with many seasoned performers and growing young artists. Now that COVID-19 has at subsided to a level where life can return to "normal," many local artists are itching to get back out and sharing their talents. At the same time, there has been a blossoming of local venues looking for artists to spice up their locations, attract more customers, and improve on the overall experience that patrons gain at their establishment. The Michiana String Collective is envisioned to be a link between many of these seasoned musical artists and the venues looking for them. Primarily focused on acoustic music, because of the varied artists, the Collective can provide a wide variety of sounds, music, covers, and originals from rock, country, bluegrass, old timey, singer-songwriter, and americana. Initially, the gigs will likely include myself on the hammered dulcimer as well as adding guitar, bass, fiddle, banjo, keys, and who knows what else! Eventually, I could see events where I wouldn't necessarily be performing, based on the wishes of the venues. All in all, it's looking like a fun time to mix it up with various musicians in the area and most importantly, TO MAKE SOME MUSIC! You can hear a sampling of what is to come on our promotional video below:

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