Dulcimer on Adam Burrows Release

It was a couple of years ago, after bringing my second dulcimer to the Netherlands, that I ventured to an open mic in Enkhuizen. A little scary to play a couple of my original songs in front of a foreign crowd. It went well and the music was also well received. It never hurts to have such a strange instrument to hide behind. After the open mic set, there were two featured traveling singer/songwriters that performed a full set. One was Adam Burrows from Nashville! He instantly caught my attention with a good voice, excellent lyrics, strong guitar playing. After his set, I went up to meet him and fun enough, we have mutual friends in Nashville.  He mentioned to me that he wrote a song that had a hammered dulcimer part ringing in his head. To my honor and surprise, he asked if I would be willing to play and record on that song for his next album. It is with great pleasure that I can share his announcement of his new CD, Conversations. It is an excellent album all around, but I do have a special feeling for his song "Keeping Up Appearances". Thanks Adam, for including me in this project and congratulations on another great album!

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