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Waterbound - Bill Bosler and Kevin Lockhart

Years ago, Kevin and Bill met at a jam session and immediately noticed something special when they played music together. Kevin’s finger style guitar and Bill’s hammered dulcimer sing together. Their music plays off of each other’s strengths, creating a unique blend of melody, counter melody, and harmonies all at once. This compilation captures that spirit with a mix of original and traditional tunes with a unique flair in their arrangements.


Bill Bosler - Hammered Dulcimer

First solo CD of original and traditional tunes created in 2002.

Hammer & Axe

A mix of three to four musicians featuring the hammered dulcimer with at least guitar and bass, sometimes added fiddle, banjo, and always more vocals to give the full band sound to our music. Great for parties and venues to get the audience involved and singing or dancing along.

Christmas Tunes

Here are a selection of solo hammered dulcimer tunes to share during the holiday season. Hope you enjoy!